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DC 12V 4CH Small Channel Wireless Remote Control Controller Radio Switch 433mhz 200m Transmitter Receiver

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  • 1.working voltage :for DC12V
  • 2.quiescent condition :less than 6mA
  • 3.working temperature :-40’c+80’c
  • 4.receiver sensitivity : more than -105dBm
  • 5.working frequency :433MHz
  • here is in set .we have made it work together ,so you don’t have to care about what frequency are they .
  • 6.output voltage: for DC and AC is optional
  • 7.output current : less than 3A
  • 8.max load current:10A
  • 9. Dimensions: 72mm*52mm*26mm

Remote control transmitter :

  • 1. Remote Distance: 200M
  • 2. Operating Voltage: for DC 12V
  • 3. Frequency: 433mhz
  • 4. Operating Current: 13 mAh
  • 5. Code Type: Fixed code / Learning code
  • 6. Dimensions: 58 x 39 x 14mm

Increase the remote control pairing method:

Press the button of remote controller , the LED flashes and the number of blinks can be used to determine the selection function

Flashing once, jogging function
Flash twice, self-locking function
Flashing 3 times, interlock function
Select the way, then press the light
Increase the remote control pairing method
1, firstly clear: press and hold the learning button, the indicator light, 5 seconds after ,the light off, that clear the success. the pair of good remote control Before are not working on this.
2, and then select the work mode: do not let go after the clear, the indicator light flash once, release the hand, means the choice of jogging work; has been press the learning button, light flash two times, release the hand, said the choice of self-locking Work mode; if the flash after two times ,do not let it go, the lights then flash three times, release the hand, means the choice of interlock.
3, and then learn the remote control: click the learning button, the indicator light, release the hand, press the button of remote control which you want to learn ,after the light flashes and then bright, said the first successful learning; then press the second button to learn the second Road, light flashs and then off, said the second road learning success.
The same type of remote control, can be compiled the same password, you can pair; different coding type of remote control, repeat the third step to learn to match.

Package include

  • 1 x Transimitter
  • 1x Receiver


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