About Us

AsWeShop.com is owned by Clear Design Karlsen in Gjettum, Norway. All sales are in compliance with Norwegian Consumer Protection Act.

Countries that are allowed to purchase from AsWeShop.com

  • All EU/EFTA-countries
  • Russia (Allow additional 10 days for delivery)
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Australia (Allow 5 more days for delivery)

We strive in selling products for a lower price to consumers in Europe, giving you a better deal than in the shops in your city. All products are shipped directly from the factory in China.

AsWeShop.com uses SSL to make sure your information is protected. We do not save any credit card information on our servers. This is handled by our payment service Stripe.

Delivery time is up to 42 days, but average time is about 16 to 18 days. We often test by shipping products from the factory to Norway. Average shipping time has in September and August 2017 been 17 days.